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How To Make Vegan Bacon

by Ross
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Vegan Bacon Alternatives You Can Make At Home

One thing I hear said a lot by non-vegans, is how there is no way they could give up bacon.

Bacon is so popular, that you can buy just about anything with bacon flavour, or seasoning even bacon ice cream.

For those living in fear of not having bacon, you will be happy to know that there are several tasty alternatives you can make at home to kill the craving.


Facon courtesy of finedininglovers

One of my favourites that is very easy to make, is what I call like to call Facon.

Facon is simply firm tofu, sliced up, marinated and cooked. You can bake it in the oven, but I like to fry mine.

Tofu is so cheap and one block goes a long way with this, so expect to have leftovers to snack on.

I pretty much follow this recipe, though you can mix it up to your own tastes.

Rice Paper Bacon

Rice Paper Bacon courtesy of veganhuggs

Rice paper is another great vegan alternative and one that resembles bacon in appearance a bit more than some of the others.

Like, tofu, rice generally has a bland taste, which is a good thing, as it lends itself to absorbing the flavours of the marinade.

Once baked, you end up with a pretty close semblance of bacon.

Eggplant Bacon

Eggplant Bacon courtesy of Abra’s Kitchen

Eggplant has been known as ‘poor man’s meat’; there’s a reason for that, as it is a vegetable that can really provide a good semblance of meat, when prepared the correct way; although now that it has become more popular, it is not as inexpensive as it once was.

Eggplant bacon provides that sweet, chewy smokiness that many used to love.

Coconut Bacon

Coconut Bacon courtesy of cookinglight

Coconut bacon may sound a little strange to some, but, believe it or not, coconut provides another quick and simple vegan alternative.

You don’t get large strips like you do with tofu, rice paper, or eggplant, but you get all the sweet and smokey goodness that comes from the prepared coconut.

Mushroom Bacon

Mushroom bacon, courtesy of brokeassgourmet

Another great alternative and one that is already full of umami once you cook it, is, mushroom bacon.

Mushrooms are great to use in all kinds of vegan dishes, as they add a depth to both flavour and texture.

The same applies with mushroom bacon, you get the texture, plus the taste that resembles bacon. The tip is to use King Oyster mushroom if you can get them for their size when cut lengthways.

Other Alternatives

There are other alternatives, including processed, or manufactured forms of bacon, but I won’t include them in this post.

One other popular vegan bacon, that you can make at home is seitan bacon. I will leave that out also, as it requires considerably more effort to create and is not quite as similar in taste, or appearance.

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