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5 Amazing Vegan Pizzas To Make At Home

by Ross
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Another popular meal for many people is pizza; once again, this is something you don’t have to give up on a vegan diet, as there are literally limitless options to create succulent vegan pizzas at home.

Here are 5 to get you started.

Vegan Stuffed Crust Pizza

Vegan Stuffed Crust Pizza courtesy of My Quiet Kitchen

Lori has created a stunning vegan stuffed crust pizza, topped with melted vegan mozzarella cheese, caramelised onion, mushrooms and spinach.

Along with all the melty goodness of the mozzarella, the stuffed crust adds another dimension for people who think you can’t make a good chessey pizza with vegan cheese.

Vegan Pizza Pie

Vegan Pizza Pie courtesy of Vegan Richa

Another great take on the pizza, this time, a deep dish stuffed pizza pie.

This one looks amazing and is extremely filling, with the deep crust, vegan mozzarella and stacks of vegetables and sauce.

Vegan Green Pizza

Vegan Green Pizza courtesy of Well and Full

This one looks divine, absolutely stunning, there wouldn’t be too many people not appreciating the artistry in this pizza.

Once again, using a cashew based cheese, this pizza is topped with hemp seeds, sprouts and a selection of other greens for the topping.

Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza

Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza courtesy of The Baking Fairy

The versatility of cauliflower is put to good use in this vegan buffalo cauliflower pizza.

Using a cashew and tapioca based cheese recipe, topped off with some cauliflower florets, drizzled with hot sauce, this pizza is sure to be a hit on game days, or whenever you want something a little spicy.

Vegan Pepperoni Pizza

Vegan Pepperoni Pizza courtesy of Contentedness Cooking

Everyone likes a pepperoni pizza (or used to), so here is a great vegan take on it.

Thinly sliced and spiced, zucchini is used in place of the pepperoni, to mimic a traditional pepperoni taste.

Something Mind Blowingly Good

I have mentioned seitan on here previously and I won’t go into details now, but many people hav a love/hate relationship with it, when it comes to creating dishes.

One think I have found great success with, is recreating pepperoni style meats. Recently on one of my groups, someone posted this amazing replication of pepperoni.

Seitan Pepperoni courtesy of Julian

Julian has been perfecting this recipe and after 50+ attempts has created this seitan masterpiece.

Julian hasn’t released the recipe yet, so stay tuned….

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